How to make root vegetable chips

How to make root vegetable chips


French fries, like any multi-food, are good because they can be put in your mouth one by one. Slice or handful as desired. And in this endless work, there is a great danger: it is difficult to stop, almost impossible. When it comes to french fries, no one is responsible for the consequences. But if it comes to homemade chips made from root vegetables that are less starchy and, moreover, cooked without oil, then you can eat more and your conscience will most likely not be shaken.


We decided to learn how to make both dry and fried chips to alternate between work and pleasure. Because they called Suzdal chef Maxim Rybakov and asked him how to choose raw materials, how to add all kinds of spices to chips, how to dry them, and how to store them.

What are the best root vegetables for chips?

Potato chips can be made from any root vegetables, as well as from onions and garlic, which are not root vegetables, but sit next to each other. The main thing is to observe simple technology. They should be ripe seasonal vegetables that have matured quietly in natural conditions. Overripe root vegetables, those with slight pests - and there is always a temptation to use them somehow, so as not to disappear - are not suitable for chips, and their structure is no longer very good. Even winter shopping will not give you the most colorful, juicy, and cheerful.

I will not focus on any specific type of beet or carrot. Drying will continue to distort the data of the original root crops. And it will distort it in an unusual way: on the one hand, its taste will be incredibly concentrated, and on the other, it will become more tender. Therefore, in potato chips - dried and fried - technology is more important than the general characteristics of the product. But if you choose between round beets and oblong beets, then look for oblong beets, because it is simply more convenient to cut them.



First, the roots must be peeled. If the peel is coarse, carefully remove it, and if it is thin, wash it well with a brush and dry well. It will take more than a minute to dry; There should be no excess moisture in the chips. By the way, it is better to rub the beets with a brush - their skin is filled with pigments that decorate the chips. Well, in favor of the brush, there is also the fact that the skin usually contains a lot of useful vitamins and microelements. But if you decide to make chips from root vegetables that you bought in the store for the winter, then it is better to remove the peel - it can be treated with something for better storage.


How to cook dried chips?

If we want to make potato chips by drying root vegetables, beets, turnips, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips, and onions with garlic are fine, which are not root vegetables. The most delicious, in my opinion, comes from parsnip: it has a slightly sweet umami flavor.

The finer the roots are cut, the faster they will dry out. Try to chop 2-3 millimeters thick; They will become thin and crunchy, but not too brittle. And now the most important thing is the drying temperature. It affects the color of the product and is very important for appetite and cognition in general. The lower the temperature, the brighter the color, leave it 30-40 degrees. It is best to cook French fries in a specially designed dehydrator or factory dehydrator because a regular home oven will not produce a low temperature. Determine the preparedness yourself, focusing on the crisis.

If you want to make chips of any flavor, you need to add seasonings or spices while the root is still raw. For example, cut the beets into thin slices and sprinkle them with the spices and salt you are interested in, make sure that the salt and seasonings stick evenly, then start drying. If you want to add spices and salt to semi-prepared or ready-made french fries, you will need to grease the slices with oil. As for the recommendations, I would add pepper to all the roots, on top of that I would add cumin to the carrots, ground coriander to the beets, and dried celery peel.


How to cook fried chips?

I must say right away: I do not recommend frying beets. It will not have a very interesting taste. But everything else is easy. The aforementioned parsnip, and carrots, like sweet potatoes with potatoes, after frying, the taste, on the contrary, becomes more vigorous. Also, cut into slices 2-3 mm thick and slightly marinate with your favorite spices and salt. Salt is needed not only for taste but also to extract excess moisture from the product. Before sending the french fries to the pan, pat them well again and fry in sunflower oil at 180-190 degrees until the desired state. How do you determine the oil temperature? Place the pan on the stove until the oil starts to smoke a little. Smoke temperature - 200 degrees.

There should be enough oil so that the chips can float in it freely. So it is not necessary to turn anything, it is enough to control the swimming of the vegetables with the help of a spoon so that they do not interfere and do not end above the surface of the oil. So that the potatoes are not tight, try not to put more than 100 grams in the pan at a time.

If you want to add seasoning to potatoes, then do this: remove the finished french fries from the pan, put them on a napkin to remove excess fat, put them in one layer and sprinkle with what you like.

How do you store chips?

In a tightly closed box at room temperature, lay out layers of foil with napkins. Roll the napkin, then a row of foil, then another napkin, then again a layer of foil, and another napkin on top. If there is a special silicone gel that absorbs moisture, you can take it too. But you need to understand that homemade french fries and dry potatoes, no matter how they are stored, become boring and unpleasant after two weeks. That is, preparing a mountain of chips for the future is not always profitable.

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