What do you add to rice to make it tastier

What do you add to rice to make it tastier

4 Quick One-Pot Dishes With Rice



Properly cooked and crumbly rice looks like a white sheet, tasteless in itself, it can absorb the tastes of the most unexpected additions and turn them into different dishes. It is very convenient to cook a pot of cereal on the weekends, and then prepare snacks, breakfasts, and dinners from it.


We asked Chef Dmitriy Zotov, a longtime editorial friend and co-owner of our favorite Zortman Pizza project, what could be put into yesterday's rice for variety. Dima has a special talent: he knows how to combine ingredients of different sizes in a dish so that you are surprised at first, and then realize that you want to repeat it. With rice, Dima created five win-win combinations - for example, with chicken and kimchi, brussels sprouts and brisket, and, interestingly, with fried green onions. By the way, all these ideas are suitable for any type of rice - Krasnodar, Japanese, basmati, brown, and wild.


1.Fried green onions + peas + boiled eggs

The idea is taken from Chinese cuisine, where green onions are quickly fried on the grill and added, for example, to pasta. Often in place of meat: Sautéed onions soften, pick up sweetness, and have a surprising barbecue flavor. For satiety and shine, along with onions, you can add green peas to rice, preferably frozen and boiled, but you can do it directly from the jar. Put a boiled egg on top of the rice - a flowing warm creamy yolk, mixed with a mass of rice, will become a sauce and bring all the details together. Smoked salmon can be served separately - thus turning an everyday dish into a festive one.


2.Chicken + Kimchi

Chicken in rice is a familiar bird, but it is capable of plotting. If you mix slices of chicken breast in the thickness of grains and add a little spicy kimchi sauce (it is easy to buy in Korean stores, so it is not at all necessary to ferment a bowl of kimchi cabbage on purpose), then such food will in no way resemble a boring chicken with Rice from kindergarten.


3.Shrimp + ginger + mint + sesame oil

It is better to use a frying pan here: first, quickly fry the shrimp with grated ginger in a mixture of sesame and vegetable oil, then put a bowl of boiled rice in the pan and fry, too, not too excited, only so that the rice warms up well and absorbs the sesame aroma. It is important to note here that completely cooled cereals (or better, rice from the refrigerator), when placed on a hot frying pan, will not creep into the porridge and turn into a shapeless mass. In the end, add fresh mint to the rice to give flavor, and to enhance the Asian essence of the dish, add a drop of fish sauce, it certainly will not be superfluous.


4.Mushroom + coriander + nuts + pomegranate sauce

Then we head towards Pilaf. Of course, this is not exactly pilaf, but a Georgian salad. Rice should be generously stuffed with mushrooms fried with onions, add walnuts for grinding, a lot of greens - if you like cilantro, then here it is in place, but you can take tarragon or parsley. And fill it with pomegranate sauce. The result is an elegant appetizer or main dish (depending on the serving size) suitable for vegetarians, but also for those who come here for more than just vitamins.

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