Perfect kebab salad

Perfect kebab salad

With tomatoes, onions, zucchini, cheese, and grilled green potatoes



It is not necessary to understand the rules of gastronomy, to understand - each barbecue requires vegetables and herbs. Hard experience teaches us to combine heavy fried proteins with something light and exciting. It could be just pieces of cannabis and tomatoes on the table, or they're the same, but combined together - melting down a riot of juice and taste.


We imagined the four most popular kebabs, lamb, chicken, and beef and asked our friends, the butchers' chefs, to come up with some perfect salad for each type of meat. Sergey Volkonenkov, Chef of the Voronezh Restaurant, and Rustam Dautov, Chef of the Shashlishnaya Alcohol Buffet.


Beef shashlik and baked potato salad

The ideal salad should complement and support the taste of the kebab. Meat is a heavy and satisfying product. For example, let's take marbled beef, a wonderful shashlik that we will launch at "Shashlychnaya" just the other day. High in fat, high in protein, and zero Carbohydrates are approx. And my experience tells me that in such a situation I want to get only carbohydrates, and a baked potato perfectly copes with this task. Add vegetables to it, which will make dense meat a little lighter, and tomatoes, which give this note, combined with a creamy tint of light mayonnaise, will link the entire configuration.


So, take a 50g mixture of fresh spinach, lettuce, and root. Take 40 grams of tomatoes: cherries are more beautiful, and expensive Uzbek "beef" tomatoes taste even better. Take 80 grams of baked potatoes, ideal if they are small, small potatoes baked in a peel - tasty and beautiful.


Prepare the sauce: in a tall glass with a mixer, beat 1 egg, a pinch of salt and ground black pepper, 1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard, and 100-150 ml of vegetable oil, which must be gradually poured into the glass. The higher the oil, the denser and thicker the emulsion. When the emulsion is ready, add 75 grams of natural yogurt and some spices to taste. Then chop the potatoes and tomatoes coarsely and add to them the herbs and 50 ml of the sauce. Ready salad.


Chicken kebab and small cheese salad

“Chicken is tender meat with a hearty taste. And chicken loves bright fruit tones. So, for the base, we will take a mixture of vegetables - 60 grams of spinach, and, for example, 30 grams of chili salad, which will add a slight bitterness to the salad. Put in This salad is 40 grams of small cheese, such as mozzarella. And add 50 grams of zucchini, lightly stewed with olive oil and fresh thyme. For the sauce, take the orange, ginger, and lingonberry sauce. We make the sauce as follows: Take the juice of one orange, dip the zest of one orange, And 40 grams of grated peeled ginger and 10 grams of grated peeled horseradish. Boil a little over low heat. Then take 90-100 grams of cranberries, rub them through a sieve. Pour 40 ml of orange liqueur into the resulting juice. Slightly boil and mix with Orange juice. Zucchini and sauce combined are responsible for the carbohydrates in this salad.”


Lamb shashlik and ripe tomatoes with coriander

This is a lamb salad that I often cook at home. Find good, ripe, and sweet Uzbek tomatoes - 200 grams. Chop them finely so that the juice comes out well. Look for red onions Sweet and tasty again - 50 grams. Cut it thinly and thinly so that the slice is transparent, but swaying. Remember the onion a little so that it begins to extract juice faster, then mix with the tomatoes. Next, add a little coriander - and leaves, a few aromatic sprigs - about 30 grams. Coriander is also good for crunching a little so that it gives some juice and flavor. Sprinkle all this with fine sea salt, pour a little olive oil, then add 5 ml of apple cider vinegar, which adds a good flavor to the salad. Serve with a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds This salad has a classic blend of lamb, tomatoes, and pomegranate, glistening freshness, and juiciness thanks to thinly sliced ​​onions and cilantro.

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