Chicken wings

Chicken wings

Baked, honey, cornmeal, pickled with bourbon and more


Chicken wings are the perfect area to experiment. Wings can be fried, baked, simmered in a roasting envelope, seasoned, and combined with a variety of sauces. They are easy to prepare and organically fit into everyday life, while cleverly fried wings will easily become a bright dish on the table - for the student and whoever.

We learned from many Moscow chefs how to prepare wings and got a beautiful picture: in cornmeal, pickled with herbs and bourbon, fried in fenugreek, and many others. All recommendations are written in this material, and in addition, there is one very important piece of advice: before you start preparing the wings, cut the third phalanx for them - it is still not interesting to eat them, and in the oven, they begin to burn when the wings themselves are not yet ready.

Breaded wings

I think that before frying the wings, it would be nice to boil them a little in boiling salted water - about 15 minutes. Then roll these boiled wings a little in flour, then in a beaten egg, then in the crumbs of plain wheat bread or panko bread. Then fry in semi-fat Deep - just add a little more oil to the pan than usual. For frying, you need 10-15 minutes, depending on the power of the stove. An egg for such baking should be well beaten, adding salt, pepper, and any spices that you used to mix with chicken. If you cook In this way, it will turn out very tender and tasty, and the wings will be one hundred percent fried. I often cook like this at home, and my wife and children are happy.

Wings with honey and spices

Wings are a fertile product, and they can be combined with many things. For example, with honey and spices. Prepare a salt solution: a liter of water, 100 grams of sugar, and 50 grams of salt. Stir well, immerse the wings in this solution for 4 hours. Then dry, fry in butter until a beautiful crust appears, then send to a well-heated oven for 7 minutes. Then remove the wings from the oven, grease them with honey and soy sauce, and bake again until the crust looks nicer on the wings. In this method, it is important not to ignore the brine: salt pulls excess moisture from the wings, so the skin becomes crunchy and the wings inside will be very tender.

If this does not seem enough to you, add any spices to the solution of sugar and salt: star anise, cinnamon, anise, cumin, whatever. However, for the spices to open, this brine must be brought to a boil and cooled completely.


Pickled wings in a roasting bag

The wings benefit if they are first soaked in a mixture of sunflower oil, ginger, garlic, and thyme. For each kilogram of wings, 50 grams of ginger, 50 grams of garlic, thyme sprigs, and 50 ml of oil will suffice. Soak directly in a bread bag - keep it there, For example, overnight. Then I send this envelope for half an hour in a well-heated oven. For a light crust on the wings, you can open the envelope 5 minutes before the end of baking, but I will not. The combination of a long marinade and quiet laziness gives the wings a wonderful tenderness.

Mexican Wings With Three Sauces

The wings fit well with hot sauces, for example, one recipe from our restaurant. A kilogram of wings is salted and rolled in wheat flour. Fry in deep fat or an ordinary frying pan with vegetable oil, preheated to 170 degrees. Frying in a frying pan takes about 8 minutes While grilling the wings in the skillet, make the sauce: Mix 80g of BBQ sauce, 20g of hot Louisiana sauce, and 20ml of any bourbon. Then Transfer the hot wings to a bowl, pour the sauce and salt again - to taste. Serve with cornflakes. Nachos, guacamole, jalapeno, chili, finely chopped green onions.

Wings with sriracha sauce

Wings with Sriracha Sauce is one of my favorite recipes. This sauce is now sold whole in stores, the coolest sauce has an eagle on it. So take a kilo of chicken wings. If they are frozen, remove them completely. Then sprinkle with salt and pepper, season with olive oil, and put in Oven at 200 degrees for 10 minutes. Watch the wings carefully, the main thing is not to overexpose them. Ideally, there should be slightly pink meat and pink juice at the junction between the phalanges. Remove the wings from the oven, set them aside, and start making the sauce without Turn off the oven - you will still need it.

Take 100 grams of garlic and 100 grams of ginger - rub them on a fine grater, and remove the juice from this gruel. Pour garlic with ginger into a frying pan, fry a little in vegetable oil, add 100 grams of butter. Reduce the heat to medium so that the oil does not burn and simmer for 10 minutes. Then add 2 tablespoons of honey, 2 tablespoons of sriracha, and three to four tablespoons of soy sauce — until you have a smooth, sweaty texture for a few minutes.


Then pour a good roll of wings into this hot slurry. Then put the wings on the baking tray, with the crust on top, pour the sauce on top, and return to the oven for five minutes. Once a nice red color appears, you can have it. Cool the finished wings and sprinkle with finely chopped cilantro and seeds - you will get the perfect dish.


Sichuan Suites

First, the wings must be pickled. Suppose you have a kilogram of chicken wings. Mix 100 ml of onion oil, 20 ml of sesame oil, 20 ml of oyster sauce, and 20 ml of soy sauce. The onion oil is obtained as follows: Large quantities of onions should be fried in a frying pan, why filter through a sieve. All that spills is oil. For this, make the marinade, dip the wings in it and leave it in the refrigerator overnight. The next day, brush the wings deeply for 7 minutes at 180 degrees or bake in the oven for 15 minutes at the same temperature.


Dip the finished wings in homemade Sichuan sauce, I cook it this way: 30 grams of Sichuan pepper, 450 grams of Harlem chili sauce, sold in any supermarket, 50 grams of cane sugar, 100 grams of Korean chili paste - also sold in Supermarket: 10 ml of sesame oil, 20 ml of soy sauce, 100 g of honey and 5 g of salt. Mix it all up, and you're done. This sauce will probably suffice for a few kilograms of wings, or it can be used for other purposes as well.


Fenugreek wings

There is another way - not quite hot. The wings are dipped in sunflower oil, heated to 90 degrees, poured in a pinch of fenugreek seeds, and left slowly until cooked. This will take at least an hour. Then I take out the wings. It turns out that an excellent transformation has occurred with them: The wings retain their shape, but all the bones can easily be pulled out of them with one movement. Take advantage of this - remove the bones from the wings and bake in the oven, or fry in a skillet sprinkled with sea salt or flower. The result is fragrant, boneless fried wings.


Cornmeal wings

Soak the wings with salt, pepper, and onions - a common meat marinade. Soak them for a few hours to marinate in the aroma of onions. Then roll in corn grits and fry in a hot skillet with plenty of vegetable oil. Or better yet, cook them in a deep frying pan.


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