Chicken liver


Chicken liver

How to make a sandwich, pie, hot and salads



Chicken liver is a delicate substance with a complex character. It must be carefully processed before cooking, otherwise, you will get a bitter taste and unpleasant texture. You need to fry carefully - quickly, easily, without taking your eyes off, otherwise, the liver will dry out and lose its charm. It must be carefully combined with other products - the liver is not ready to be everyone's friend.


But if you fulfill all the simple requirements, then the liver will behave perfectly: it will easily change its taste and enter into a strong union with neighboring components if they suit it in advance.


In this article, the chefs of Moscow and St. Petersburg tell about how not to harm the liver and how to highlight all its advantages - lightness, taste, and amazing airiness.

Liver and Tzatziki sandwich

Chicken liver makes a great sandwich. Clean the liver of all the excess, beat it with a blender, add salt, pepper, and a little sesame and sesame oil. The result will be a thick slurry. Rub a cold pan with butter and pour this slurry inside, the thickness of the layer is about half a centimeter. Turn on the heat above medium ​​When you realize that one side is cooked, flip the pie with a wide spoon. Frying should take no more than five minutes. Then fry two slices of plain toast in a dry frying pan. From the liver pie, cut into shape to match the shape of the bread. First bread with homemade tzatziki sauce with lots of cilantro, top with liver, lettuce and a little tomato, tzatziki again, and bread on top. Cut diagonally for the coolest sandwich.

Bruschetta with chicken liver

"You need good rye and wheat bread. Fry them on a grill or in a dry frying pan - they should be crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. We put the already cleaned liver in a frying pan with vegetable oil and fry until medium-good. When almost cooked, add large parsley leaves and shallots Finely chopped. Stir, put everything on the board, quickly chop with a knife, add salt and pepper. Put this mixture on toast and add either grated horseradish or a few drops of balsamic cream on top.


Liver salad with honey sauce

First you have to prepare the honey sauce. Take liquid flower honey, and mix it with water in equal parts. Add a third of vinegared, a pinch of thyme, a pinch of soy sauce, a small piece of ginger, and a dash of cayenne pepper. Put on the stove. Cook. Over low heat, taste, wait until the vinegar evaporates and its acid disappears. When the sauce looks like syrup, remove it from the stove and let it brew for 10 minutes. At this time, remove the liver from chips and debris, and quickly fry in a frying pan - 1 minute on each side If you have 200g of liver, add about 150ml of the sauce to the pan. Caramelize the liver in it for a few more minutes. Then put the liver on a plate, and pour the sauce it was cooked in. Put the tasty lettuce leaves, and coarsely chopped tomatoes next to it, and coat with oil olives.

Liver salad with grapefruit and yogurt

This is magic in its purest form. Soak 200 grams of liver in cold saltwater for two hours. Sift 100 grams of flour, mix with two bursts of cumin, salt, and pepper. Dry the liver on a napkin, then roll each piece of it into this mixture and fry over medium heat in a mixture of sunflower and vegetable oils. Do not overcook the liver so that it does not dry out.


Remove the veins and peels from one grapefruit, leaving only the pink pulp. In a deep bowl, mix 100 grams of watercress, 50 grams of spinach, and grapefruit pieces. Add salt and pepper. Pour over the herbs with a mixture of yogurt and marmalade - the proportions and consistency by eye, make it look like a sauce. Mix gently. Put the salad on a plate and put a few pieces of warm liver on it.


Liver with prunes

Liver is an important component of pate. And pate in Russia, and throughout the world, goes well with something sweet. Based on this logic, I cook the liver, combining it with sweets - for example, with prunes. Take a 0.5 kg package of liver chicken Put it on a paper towel to release moisture Heat a frying pan with vegetable oil and a spoonful of butter Cut a small carrot and half an onion into small cubes Cut half of the white leek into thick rings, Fry, until golden brown Take 200 grams of prunes, cut the fruits into 3 -4 pieces, we add to the vegetables. The plum will return the sugar, and the mass will thicken a little. Season with salt and pepper and stir in the liver. Fry very quickly from all sides over high heat. It is better to stir the liver with a silicone spatula - it will not violate the integrity of the product. Then pour 50 ml From bourbon. At this point, you can lure the kids and light the alcohol on fire - everyone will be happy. You can also rotate the pan to raise the heat. When the bourbon has evaporated, turn off the heat, put the lid on the pan, and start eating after five minutes.


Tomato Liver

Kuchmachi is found in Georgia, and it's made using beef offal. For those who do not like meat or fat, this dish is made from chicken liver. Remove the membrane and mucus and immerse it in cold water for 10-15 minutes. The liver turns brown. Light brown and slightly swollen.Fry onions and garlic in vegetable oil until golden brown. Put chicken livers in the pan - you can not fry for long, max 5 minutes. While the liver turns brown, add a pinch of tomato paste and fresh tomato cubes To the liver. We add salt, add red pepper, coriander, spices (salty - ed ...). It turns out the second fragrant dish - vegetables with chicken liver. Part of this dish is a sauce in which you can dip bread.


Liver cake

Liver pancakes are a common story. Wash the liver, remove the films, salt, sprinkle pepper, freeze a little and pass through a meat grinder. You will get minced meat that looks like dough. Add eggs, flour, water, and any seasoning you like. As a result, you should get a mass similar in consistency to pancake batter. We take a frying pan in which pancakes are usually fried, pour vegetable oil, and prepare a thin liver pancake, fry on both sides - for a minute each. There should be several such pancakes.


Put the finished pancake on a plate, put mashed garlic mixed with dill, sour cream, or yogurt in the middle. Top with another pancake and garlic sauce again. It is good if there are 6-7 such layers. Put this stack of pancakes in the fridge, and when they harden, cut them into triangles."


Chicken liver with spices

Chicken livers can be marinated and then fried in different ways. Buy a kilogram of the beautiful beautiful liver, scarlet-like candy. Dip in a mixture of spices: 1 teaspoon of mustard powder, granulated garlic, smoked paprika, and 1 and a half tablespoons of dry onion powder, keep in the refrigerator for a few hours.


Then fry them in a hot, thick-walled frying pan quickly and quickly so that they do not dry out. Furthermore, there are three options for event development. Alternatively, add a large piece of good butter to it, melt quickly and stir in the liver. Or instead of butter, pour fatty coconut milk from a jar into the liver. Or spray some niches in there and vaporize them.


Or you can do it even easier: wrap this spiced liver in rice flour and quickly fry in vegetable oil, and at the end also add a large piece of butter. 


Put a kilo of liver and mix it with a blender. Fry 200 grams of onions, 30-40 grams of garlic, a pinch of nutmeg, and coriander in the butter, then add the cream to form the sauce, simmer. When the contents of the pan cool to 60 degrees, mix with the liver Punch in a blender Add salt to taste and 50 grams of softened butter Pour this mixture into a tall mold or muffin tin Cover with foil, put the mold in a tray, where you will pour boiling water first Send all this for 50 minutes in a preheated oven to 120 degrees. If the mold is frozen, take it out and beat it again in the blender, adding as much soft butter as you want.


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