Apple mustard

Apple mustard

How to make a wonderful sauce of apple and mustard


Apples have a wonderful property - they easily turn into something like jam, it is worth blanching for a while on the stove, but at the same time, they do not lose their taste and aroma for a long time. This property was used by Kostroma chef Anton Rubtsov, who heads Restaurant Groza (Palm Branch of the Restaurant Business Award 2020). In The Groz, Anton cultivates Russian drinking traditions, connecting them with modern technologies and mixing with them someone else's gastronomic experience.

In this article, we publish a recipe for apple mustard, which is prepared in a restaurant: a light sweet and sour jam mixed with soft Dijon mustard.

Below is a detailed master class, a recipe with ingredients, and Anton's comments.

Serve it perfectly with cheese. Various: seasoned, mushy, whatever. Mixes well with some lamb, which has historically been paired with sweet southern fruit sauces. Or a bird that always goes with apples. You can even throw it into the ready-made meat broth, and there is a lot of room for experiment. The main thing is to understand: it is sweet and sour, refreshing, tart.


Look for green, juicy, sweet, and sour apples like Granny Smith. The recipe indicates the weight of the already peeled apples, but their number can vary slightly - then the mustard will be either thicker or thinner.


If you like, you can try adding cinnamon, star anise, or both. It must be fun.


In addition, if you want to reduce the smell, taste, and liveliness of the apple, replace half of the used apple with celery stalks, and also cut it into small cubes. 



Dissolve the agar in the water first. It doesn't matter if it's cold or snug. Agar-agar is likely to start to clump. Submerge the blender in the liquid to remove any lumps.



Add granulated sugar and vinegared to this water. Put it on the stove, on low heat, for 15 minutes A nuance - do not neglect the vinegar, without it it will upset the balance of sweet and sour in the recipe.




Apple peel. Cut it into cubes, the edges of which are 5-7 mm - like Oliver salad.



Dip the apple in the syrup. Simmer for half an hour. Make sure to dip all the apples into the syrup. Stir occasionally.





After half an hour, add the grain-free Dijon mustard to the apples. Let it be just Dijon mustard and not a strong Russian. It is not necessary to boil mustard; You can immediately remove the pan from the heat. Stir well and cool.





Serve chilled - with cheese and poultry




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